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List of Archived Shows

March 14, 2015: Seg. 1. ice out, morel talk, Lake Monroe woes, youth turkey hunt,
Seg.2. Nature center at Goose Pond, bomb shelters, 25-fish limit on bluegill, suspend grouse hunt, hi-power rifles for deer on hearing agendas, otter trapping opened, Grissom, Indiana fish of year.

March 7, 2015: Seg. 1. Sarkes Tarzian; caller, Schoenung now fisheries chief; intersex fish.
Seg. 2: Youth wild turkey hunt; DNR photo contest; rule changes; PCBs; canned hunting

Feb. 14, 2015: Segment 1, Canned hunting bill advances; Owen County auditor racks up over $300K; Keystone Pipeline for Canada; Bill rants on taxes, politics.
Segment 2, Cabin fever, Talking 'bout fishing & turkey hunting; proposed rule changes hearings on rifles for deer/25 fish bluegill limit/end ruffed grouse season; hearing dates; campground hosts; crow cull.

Feb. 7,2015. Segment 1: Wooly worm forecast; Monroe catfish tournament; Griffy deer cull cancelled; Indiana Court rules DNR can't ban canned hunting.
Segment 2: Scaley Tales; Canned Hunting conspirators buy success in Indy; Ground Hog Bite in Wisconsin;

Jan. 31, 2015: Segment 1: Crow poop shelters for parking meters & remedies
Segment 2: P:ipeline woes; river woes; carp weir; Pence's Pravda; Skeeters.

Jan.24, 2015: Segment 1; Crappie biting; January fog freezes
February dog says Bill; Big fish pics; Covered in cats.
Segment 2: Bill on virtues of tea Juan Valdez; taters;canned hunting bill AGAIN;
Yellowstone Oil Spill; Hershey & Rich.

Jan 17, 2015: Seg.1: Lost Winchester; snow snakes, copperheads, pythons, tomato fruit, pipeline. Bill thinks lots of county government people "ain't from around here."
Seg. 2 Bill blames EPA; ice fishing; Vegan strip club; Barney Fifes in Btown; bobcat ride.

Jan.10, 2015: Seg. 1; Seg. 2

Jan. 3, 2015: Seg. 1 Crow invasion/Crean Love/DUI mobiles fees
Seg. 2; Bloomington Gas Prices

Dec. 13, 2014: Seg1; Seg.2: 2nd week of deer camp; Bill's singing;

Dec. 6, 2014: Seg. 1; Seg.2: City Councilman Andy Ruff on Griffy deer cull, both segments

Nov.22, 2014: Seg.1;Griffy deer, Buddy Bill's name, Chad Stewart leaving DNR, Michigan
Seg.2 Wild Care, EHD caller, Owen lion, O Canada, Fireit/Fart

Nov., 8: 2014: Seg. 1; Fire it!/Lake Monroe trash/Facebook/Ditch daylight saving time
Seg2 Beaver & deer caller, deer joke caller, Deer season

Nov. 1, 2014: Seg.1; Seg. 2

Oct. 26, 2014: Seg. 1 Halloween, cheerleader uniforms, VFW squirrel feast, alcohol-free gas
Seg.2 Solar eclipse; Jeffersonville fire trucks; CWD in Ohio 19 other states; nightcrawler eggs.

Oct. 11, 2014: Seg. 1;
Seg. 2 DJ from Florida (Wild critter question; Manatees dying; Deer farming; Matrix chickens)

Sept. 20, 2014: Segment 1 Lotus Festival Finnish Fusion, Bill sees spoons;
Segment 2; Where to go target shooting,

Sept. 6, 2014: Seg. 1; Bill, Don & Rich; mountain lion incident, opera,
lightning struck,illegal shooting in Glaciar National Park.
Seg. 2.; Canada bans Citronella as insect repellent; drones; school tax vote; Waldo, Fla. speed limits.

Aug. 16, 2014: Segment 1 , Hot Squirrel Hunting, bait shops, Monroe bank fishing, ammo shortage.
Segment 2, Rich in N.C.; "local" bears; increased tree cutting; tomato troubles; back to IU.

June 28, 2014: Seg 1, Seg 2

June 13, 2014: Seg.1, Seg.2

May31, 2014: Seg. 1, Seg.2

May 24, 2014: Seg 1, Seg 2

May 10, 2014: Seg.1; Seg. 2

April 5, 2014: Seg. 1 First good fishing of year; men
called out to pee in Griffy Woods;
Seg. 2, Star reveals risks of deer farms and canned hunting;
overfishing; don't feed dogs marijuana cookies.

March 22, 2014
Seg. 1; Seg. 2.

March 15, 2014
Seg. 1 Bill & Rich hope for spring;; Seg 2.; Daylight "Saving" Time; lifetime license fees; canned hunting attempt squashed again; lake michigan perch summit; Miss Nebraska.

March 8, 2014
Seg. 1; Seg. 2.: Dreaded February ends with canned hunting still looking for legal approval; signs of spring after worst winter in recent memory; and high hopes for morel hunting with all the snow cover this winter.

March 1, 2014: Seg.1; Seg.2
Call-in on coyotes and
skunks; turkey season dates; 2013 deer summary;
spring morel forecast;
State to cut 60% of state forests; Griffy Woods deer reduction talk: "sharpshooters?"; Golf Eggs

Feb. 22, 2014: Seg.1: Seg 2.
Dreaded February; Turkey Seasons; Quail Bag Limits; and more.

Feb. 8, 2014: Seg.1, Seg.2: Canned hunting disappears at Legislatsure, then comes back attached to the Dept. of Natural Resources main bill. No objections from DNR. DNR now asd unethical as the guys who shoot deer inside cages for "sport."

Jan. 25, 2014: seg. 1; seg 2.: Indiana deer "farmers" and canned hunting business owners try for another legislative legality cover; ag bill would force the Indiana DNR to pay for Chronic Wasting Disease testing of sick deer brought to deer "farm" in Indiana, then escaped. Bottom line: hunting license buyers now paying for canned deer hunting's diseased operations.

Jan18, 2014: seg1; seg 2
Jan. 11. 2014: Seg.1; Bill & Rich on coal chemical spill in W. Va.
seg.2 Wolf or Puma in the area? Ag Gag Rule

Dec. 21, 3013:
Buddy Bill's Christmas Seg.1, Seg. 2

 Nov. 23, 2013:
Seg.1 with Joe Wilson of Squirrels Unlimited
and National Squirrel Cook-off;
Seg. 2
, deer hunting season & Pizza Man

Nov. 11, 2013: Seg. 1, Seg. 2:
Caller recalls her father coming home with his "pockets full of squirrels."

Oct. 26, 2013: Seg. 1, Seg. 2

Oct. 19, 2013: Seg 1, Seg 2: Wooly-worm weather forecasting/persimmon
seeds and the height off the ground of hornets' nests.

Oct. 12, 2013: seg 1, seg 2 : Canned hunting; Indiana Sporrtsmans Roundtable.

Sept. 28, 2013: seg. 1, seg 2: Canned hunting court decision

Sept. 21, 2013: seg.2

Sept. 7 2013, Seg2, Seg 2

Aug. 17, 2013: Seg. 1, Seg. 2

Aug. 3, 2013: Seg. 1, Seg. 2

July 6, 2013: Seg. 1, Seg. 2.

June 29, 3013: Seg.1, Seg. 2.

June 22, 2013
Segment 1, Segment 2

June 13
Segment 1, Segment 2

June 1, 2013
Wisconsin caller claims Bigfoot captured and is a snake.
Segment 1, Segment 2.

May 25, 2013
Skunky Iowa drama; Memorial Day VFW; I-69; Good Fishing, Segment 1
Caller Ray copperheads,bigfoots, owls, blackrattleheadedcoppermocasin; YNP grizzlies lose
major food source; Lake Griffy; Dogwood Lake; Boat Buying Husband Advice. Segment 2

May 18, 2013
Fishing breaks loose; crappie, bluegill, catfish, redear, bass all biting, finally
.Mecum auction. Pay parking. Segment 1
More I-69 outrage; Minn. waters drug-filled; Wis. bear attack; Segment 2

May 11, 2013
Big Yellow Morels; DJ warned at Lake Moroe: Seg. 1
86,000 at NRA; Seg. 2

April 20, 2013
Morels Up!; Turkey Season Opener/Safety; Trespassing. Seg. 1
I-69 Apocalypse; Seg. 2

April 6, 2013
Morel talk; outdoor seasons begin, wild turkey hunt; call-ins from Appleton, Wis.! Seg. 1
Bloomington "Bones" in Wis.; Canned Hunt Cruises in Indianapolis; Bill calls out Gov. Pence; Man falls in toilet; Birds are back! Seg. 2

March 9, 2013
Basketball tourneys; pet store violations, Segment 1
Turkey hunting; hunter ed; cold March; IDNR deer testing;
Nugent slaughters hogs; NCAA shoot champs; March big bass, Segment 2.

Feb. 23, 2013:
Bill's Political Rants; Canned Hunt Ban, Segment 1
Caller "Vernal" and Dutch Ovens, Segment 2

Feb. 9, 2013: Bambi; I-69; DNR keeps record antlers. Segment 1
Schoolbus seat belts; Caller gets wooly worm forecast; Chronic Wasting Disease. Seg.2

Jan. 26, 2013: Back Live On AM1370! Segment 1, Segment 2
11/17/12 segment 1,(Rich declares Comcast freedom; segment 2
11/10/12 Wild Care segment 1, segment 2
10/27/12 DJ at Great Smokey Mountains N.Park

10/6/12 segment 1, segment 2
9/15/12 Segment 1, segment 2
9/8/12 Segment 1, Segment 2
9/6/12 segment 1, segment 2
9/1/12 segment 1, segment 2
7/14/12, segment 1, segment 2
7/7/2012, Segment 1, Segment 2
6/30/2012 segment 1, segment 2
6/9/2012, segment 1, segment 2

6/2/2012, segment 1, segment 2
5/19/2012, segment 1, segment 2
5/12/12 segment 1, segment 2
5/5/12 Segment 1, Segment2
4/28/12 Segment 1, Segment 2
4/21/12 Segment 1, Segment 2
4/14/12 Segment 1, Segment 2
3/31/2012 Segment 1, Segment 23/
24/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2 (Lutefiske Song ends Segment 2)
3/17/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2
3/10/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2 (with guest Dennis Knoy)
3/3/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2
2/25/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2

2/18/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2
2/4/2012 Segment 1, Segment 2


The Human Seine Dennis Knoy

Jan. 12, 2013 with Dennis "The Human Seine" Knoy
Seg. 1: Counties Paid For Timber; Road Salt; $100 Xmas tree fee to DNR
Seg. 2: Duck Hunt in Arkansas; Sauger Fishing On Ohio River; Rating Fish For Table

12/15/2012 Segment 1(The guys rant about "Their Man Mitch" speaking at Indiana University winter commencement; Bloomington deer hunt; Yellowstone wolves killed), Segment 2 (Shootings:Guns; Yellowstone wolves and why they are being killed ; the cost of quail per pound in the skillet)
12/12012 Brad Holmes 1, 2 (Brad is hiking the Apalachian Trail a segment at a time and has made it to near Harper's Ferry )


Tom Leighty landing muskie on Chippewa Flowage, Wis.

Tom Leighty of Hayward, Wis., Taped August 4, 2010

Leighty, who owns and operates his own golf equipment and repair company, and Inside Outdoors' Don Jordan talk about their days and nights muskie fishing in Sawyer, Co., Wis. during the 1980s. Lots of Northland lore is discussed. The interview was recorded at Leighty's home on the Tiger Cat Flowage outside of Hayward on 8/4/2010.

Jennifer Sommer & Derek Richey of Bloomington Fading., a Facebook offering that features old houses superimposed on new landscape of Bloomington, Indiana.

Jennifer Sommer & Derek Richey, History Fans

Jennifer Sommer and Derek Richey create "Bloomington Fading" on Facebooik and have gathered hundreds of friends interested in history of Bloomington, Indiana. Their site visually compares old structures and new ones with various photographic manipulations. The house on the left formerly stood on Atwater Ave. Click here to see their work.

Segment 1, 6/25/11


Indiana DNR Southern District Fisheries
Supervisor Brian Schoenung

DNR Southern District Fisheries Director Brian Schoenung

Schoenung, 42, a longtime friend of Inside Outdoors, says that even though trout stocking is over at Yellowwood State Forest, fishing opportunities are more abundant in other spots now. He specifically singled out fishing for big walleye at Lake Monroe and muskie fishing at Bass Lake in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest where the state has been stocking muskies for a decade. Proposed fishing regulations are on the hearing round this summer, and a 25-fish bluegill limit is awaiting rule-making in 2012. Another complete restoration is coming at West Boggs Creek, and, is another restocking or partial restoration coming at Lake Griffy soon? Both show segments are loaded with fishery news. Recorded 3/25/11

Segment 1 ,Segment 2

Dennis Knoy

Dennis Knoy, Sauger Fishing

Inside Outdoors first big fishing show of the season with guest Dennis Knoy, Bloomington, talking with Bill, Don and Rich about fishing for sauger on the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers in early spring. Dernnis also reports on some past fishing visits to Iowa and the Dakotas. Want some new, good places to fish? Listen to both segments.

3/5/11 Segment 1, 3/5/11 Segment 2

David Walker on the USCE levee at Sunnyhill Farm,
one of the many properties owned and managed
by Florida water management districts


Coyote "bait" torn apart in running pen

Live Bait Dog Training Nov. 27, 2010

CeAnn Lambert of Indiana Coyote Rescue calls Inside Outdoors radio and talks about the Indiana Natural Resources Commission's sudden order to the DNR to create regulations for live bait dog training penning operations in the state. Backroom politics, money, and lost ethics on the part of our state's leaders makes Indiana the Mississippi of the Midwest and shames us all. Says Don Jordan: "Live bait dog training is a crime against nature."

Segment 1, Segment 2


Tony Abrell

Inside Outdoors Nov.. 13, 2010

A live quail hunting trip in Greene County, Indiana. Listen closely after the dog points and you can hear the quail flush, their wings making that ole heartbeat sound. After the hunt Don and Tony talk about quail hunting past and present.

Segment 1: Quail Hunt

Segment 2: Outdoor News


Remington 700

Remington 700 Safety Issue

In segment two of the 10/30/10 radio version of Inside Outdoors, Don, Rich and Bill continue the discussion about the Remington 700, the most popular hunting rifle in the world, but a rifle that has had an apparent safety issue since it was first produced in 1946. Knowing the rifle can discharge accidentally, Remington has never issued a recall or instructions to gun sellers about the dangers of this rifle. Now, the chickens may be coming home to roost for Remington Arms.

Segment 1: Local news

Segment 2: More Remington 700 and national news

Maine Police Reject Their Remingtons After Accidental Discharge

Lorenzo Lain

Rep. Peggy Welch

Peggy Welch
Indiana State Representative, District 60

State Rep. Peggy Welch (D-Bloomington) appeared on Inside Outdoors' radio show on Sept. 11, 2010 and covered a wide range of issues. Ms. Welch talks about what is happening to Indiana boaters' "lake enhancement fee" and that it is not going to pay for any lake enhancements. Ms. Welch was also questioned about Interstate I-69 and makes her pro-Interstate feelings known. She also heard complaints from Buddy Bill and Don about federal monies returned to Indiana under the Sport Fish Restoration Act and the Wildlife Restoration Act. The Indiana DNR never accounts for those millions.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman, Silver Gate, Montana.

Dan Hartman is a world reknowned wildlife photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic and other prestigious publications. He contributed to the television series Earth. Among other photographers Hartman is at lest as well known to them as a guide who can take you to where the Grizzly Bears live. In this radio version of Inside Outdoors, Hartman tells a lot of bear stories that will make your hair rise. The interview took place inside his studio "Wildlife Along The Rockies," located on U.S. 212 just east of the town of Silver Gate, Montana.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Sue and Ralph Glidden


Ralph & Sue Glidden, Red Lodge, Montana.

Ralph and Sue Glidden of Red Lodge, Montana, interviewed Aug. 16, 2010 at U.S. Forest Service Hunter Peak campground. The campground is just off the Chief Joseph Highway in Wyoming and beside the Clark's Fork River. The Gliddens owned and opereated the Cooke City, Montana, General Store for 32 years before selling and moving down to Red Lodge. Ralph has written for Fly Fisherman magazine and is a long-time supporter of environmental causes in the Beartooth Mountain region and an expert trout angler. Sue, a native Motanan who grew up in nearby Belfry, Mont., has seen and comments on the great changes that have come to the Yellowstone National Park area since her childhood. I interviewed them at their campsite where we sat beside the river and chatted one beautiful August morning.

Click here to listen to 8/17/2010 radio show

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