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Jordan Receives Audubon Lifetime Award
POISON IVY: Everything you wanted to know and best ways to cure it.
Deer Management Groups Seeks End Of Deer Farming In U.S.
Bill McKeen's Latest Book Takes On Key West, Florida.
Indiana NRC Seeks Approval of Live Bait Dog Training Rules
Bloomington Officials Warn Against Dumping Aquarium Plants, Fish
End Of Jackson Creek Trout Stocking Might Be Good Time To Halt Altogether
Peregrine Falcon Shot, Killed In Southern Indiana; Reward Offered
U.S. Army's Ice Safety Data Plus Ice Advice From DJ
Backroom Deal On Using Coyotes and Foxes For Live Bait Shames Indiana
DNR Was Banning Live Bait Supply Business Back in 2007
DNR Was Going To Ban Holding Coyotes For "Live Bait" Dog Training
Why Doesn't Avon Market Skin-So-Soft As Insect Repellent
ESPN To End All Outdoor Programming Except BASS
DNR Promotes Marina Welfare Over Handicap Fishing Pier Photos Of Marina & Fishing Dock
Don's Illustrated Morel Hunting Guide
Walleye Movements, Habitat and Hangouts Detailed By Indiana DNR
Buddy Bill's And The Demise Of Lake Monroe Commerce Plus, Natural Signs Winter Prediction!
Lyme Disease More Than A Threat In Great Lakes States
Indiana's "Ban" On Canned Hunting Actually A Bonanza For Canned Hunt Operators
Indiana DNR 2008 Deer Hunting Press Release
Hoosier Hearts Skip Beats During Fall Tree Leaf Displays
Will Bass Class Produce Corporate Bass Tournament Fans?
Bass Fishing Becomes High School Sport
Indiana Early Bird Season Hunting Dates
Radio Show Callers Hot On NRA vs. AHSA Issue
AHSA vs. Big Bad NRA
NRA Supports Worst Conservation and Environmental Destroyers, Not Hunting or Hunters
Amish Deer "Farmers" Cite God As Thier Justification For Participating In Canned Hunt Scandals
Tournament Fishing: Why It Threatens The Way We Look At Natural Resources
Lake Griffy Dog Park Closed, But Anglers Still Paying The Bills
Monster Pig Actually Tame Hog Named Fred
  Kid takes 16 shots to kill "monster pig" at Alabama Canned Hunting "Preserve".
Early Spring Fishing Matches Almost Perfect Indiana Spring
Crappie fishing hot at Monroe, bluegill warming up in farm ponds
Lake Grffy Plan Has Anglers, Boaters Paying All The Bills
  2009 Hoosier Morel Season Peaking
DNR Closing Stipp Road "People's Boat Ramp"
  King Roach and DNR to change a way of life with dictatorial decision
Geocaching: Something to do until Spring
  A sport the entire family can enjoy and one that actually creates adventures.
Expert Ice Safety Information From the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & Michigan DNR
Links included to ice thickness vs. load table
Do You Bag, Take, Down, Destroy or Kill Your Game?
  Using "taken" in state regulations opens loophole for live bait trappers
Indiana DNR Takes On Live Bait Dog Training Suppliers 12/1/07
  Arrest of Henry Co. man reveals tip of the latest wildlife scandal
Leading The Outdoor Life Makes Us Human
  Traditional outdoor pursuits connect us with deep past
Jordan Co-hosting Outdoors Today on Bloomington Radio Station
  Teams up with "Buddy Bill" Moser on call-in radio show
Weeds Gone, Bluegill Hogs Removing Thousands Of Big 'Gills
  Greedy anglers about to ruin good lake for the rest of us
Bob White Populations Crashing; Need Hunters To Help Them Survive
  Habitat losses have caused an 80 percent decline in Bob White numbers
  Canned Hunting Of Whitetail Deer Booming In Indiana, Despite DNR Ban
  Officials refuse to discuss Corydon lawsuit and Hupfer's "settlement" with cannned hunt operators.
  Ruffed grouse season opens Oct. 1 too, but no grouse to hunt
Inside Outdoors To Appear In Sullivan Daily Times
  Column to appear twice per month in Sullivan County
Letters Pour In Over Jordan's Assassination
  Readers disappointed, outraged over loss of outdoor and conservation veteran
Bloomington Newspaper Axes Inside Outdoors After 35 Years
  Editor Zaltsberg favors "new, young, local outdoor writer" who is doing an "OK" job
Indiana Spring Turkey Hunt Meets Lowered Expectations
  18 percent fewer birds bagged, but lots more hunters
The Phat Man: Scourge Of Hearts Of Pine Everywhere
  Some people collect treasures for keepsakes, but The Dude burns his collection regularly
Monroe Panfish: Bluegill Small, Crappie Bigger In Deep Water
  Slight improvement in bluegill size, but they're still not big enough to call 'em decent
Fish Virus Hits Wisconsin, Threatens Freshwater Fisheries
  Facts and measures to control spread of VHS listed
Monroe Fishery Recovers From High Water Disasters of 1996/97
  Major largemouth bass study and creel info collection underway this year
Big Bluegill Love Bustin' Bugs
  Fly casters set to haul fish from beds as spawn begins
Gibson Lake Fish Poisoned By Selenium
  Common power plant discharge could poison fish at popular Turtle Creek too
Morel Warriors Engage In First Skirmishes of 2007
  "Sand Hill Cranes act as bombers, spreading their insidious spores over the land below...."
Zumbo's Blog And Statements From Remington and NRA
  Remington Statement
NRA Statement
Hupfer Returns To State Government As State Fair Piratizer
  Our Man Mitch's bag man set to mine fairgrounds, sell land, build condos
It's Time To Call In The 'Feds" To Regulate Indiana Deer Farms And Canned Hunting Businesses
  Yet another attempt in Legislature to classify white-tail deer as "livestock" instead of wild animals
NRA Says Its Board Is Considering Public Land Access Issues For Hunters
  Can the leopard change its spots? One director says hunting access issues may shift the powerful lobby group
Hemorrahgic Virus Adds Another White-Tail Worry
  Can we trust the DNR?
Mine President Is Big Time Republican Donor And Canned Hunter
  State give-away program hitting its stride under Governor's corporate welfare program
Our Man Mitch, Henchman Hupfer Seek Coal Mine at Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area
  Long-time Republican Party cash cow Peabody Energy Gets Succor.
DNR Failure To Enforce Canned Hunt Law Opens State To Slob Hunters
  Indiana to rival Pennsylvania as slob hunting capitol
Ultimate Outdoorsmen Aren't On ESPN Or Outdoor Channel
  We long for the real G.W. as the current one leads pack of corporate stooges, waste our soldiers
Poor Sportsmanship, Dead Bass Highlight Florida "Bassmaster Classic"
  Female largemouth full of spawn harvested at Kissimmee
Knight Wins In Cheney Vs. Coach At 20 Paces
  Both shoot their hunting buddies, don't buy licenses and avoided the Vietnam War
Indiana Pols Play Footsie With Canned Hunt Operators; Big Donors To "Our Man Mitch" Campaign
New state system sells lake "passes" instead of launching permits; some fees up, others down
Chronic Wasting Disease-infested deer "escape" from Wisconsin "farm"
  Wildlife officials find hole cut in fence where valuable "shooter bucks" were confined
Spray's World Record Muskellunge Stands After Hall Rejects Challenge
  Photographic analyses vary widely in Hayward muskie fight
Indiana Wildlife Federation Hires Former DNR Director
  John Goss hired as executive director of the state federation.
Say It Ain't So, Lou!
  Louis Spray's 1949 world record muskellunge may have been a fraud
Lugar Not Up To Speed On Canned Hunting
  Indiana Senator's stand on breeding and shooting captive native deer and elk remains unclear
First Ever Fall Turkey Season Set For Indiana
  Senator Lugar amenable to game farmers lining up at the public trough
Canned Hunting Proponents Predicting Indiana Will Become Canned Hunt Haven
  They expect the DNR to spin doctor Chronic Wasting Disease
"Climate Of Fear" Now Rules Inside Indiana DNR
  "Our Man Mitch" wants only business friendly workers. The fox is in the hen house.
Jimmy Houston Was Customer At Bellar's Deer Shooting Farm
  Outdoor television personality Jimmy Houston was one "hunter."
Mercury Is Under Every Angler's Christmas Tree
  Every fish in America at risk as are those who eat them
Streamers Top Dry Flies for Fall Smallmouth
  Marabou streamers work great on small stream smallies
NRA President Attacks Sierra Club, Fibs At Outdoor Writer's Convention
  Top gun misfires with attack on environmental group, gets caught in outright lie.
Dr. Fungus Is Among Us
  IU prof leads students into the wonderful world of morel hunting.
Buck-Napped Deer Part of Antler Mania Greed Phenomenon
  Huge "game farm" deer worth millions?
Persimmon Pie Delights Hoosiers Every Fall
  Persimmons are among fall's great wild crops. Pie recipes!
Lake Fernandez: The Little Lake That Couldn't
  Despite years of evidence that the low spot between two streets has never held water, Bloomington government builds large lake aimed at protecting Cascades Park and controlling flood waters. New Photo!
  Lake Monroe Angler Lands Huge Flathead new 2003 photos!
  Steve Lang finds the big ones using bluegill for bait
Indy's Quick Morel Hunting Guide
  Tips and links for "shroom" addicts
Hoosier Muskies Attract National Attention
  Stocking program's success brings 50-inch Esox to Indiana
Winnebarge Driver Goes Over To "The Other Side"
  Trust in "the force" gets Lumbago through Atlanta
CWD's Relationship to "Mad Cow" and Kuru
  Indiana to test 3,000 deer heads for CWD in 2002 hunting season
Alarm Bells Sound As Wasting Disease Spreads
  CWD shows up in Wisconsin, first sign east of Mississippi.
It's Bug Spit, Not Bites That Make Us Itch
  From anti-coagulants to pain killers in insect spit
Meat Vs. Horns Deer Strategies In Indiana
  The Div. of Fish and Wildlife begins managing for trophy hunters
One Last Bird Dog
  Hunting stories operate on "bird dog time"
Indy's Trailer Towing Road Warrior Survival Guide
  Read and follow this guide or die on the interstate!
Redear: The Toughest Sunfish Of Them All
  They're the largest of the "bream" and the hardest to catch consistently
Behemoth Bluegill Committ Suicide
  It is easy to catch big bluegill, if you fish the right fishing hole
Fishing Pressure Down At Lake Monroe
  Fisheries biologist reports habitat change and increased crappie size
Former DNR Biologist Offers Restrospective on Lake Monroe
  Steve Andrews now works at Crane Naval and works Lake Greenwood
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Supervisor Retired but Still Fired Up!
  Dave Hudak still trying to "Save The Dirt"

Try A Creek Week To Dodge Dog Days
Anglers float East Fork of White River, Indian Creek. 
Huge Northern Pike
"Largest U.S. northern in 40 years"--Fishing Hall of Fame
TV Fly Caster Arrested For Fish Molestation
"Big Fish" guy Larry Dahlberg's British Columbia bust & his side of the story
The Deadliest Panfish Bait Known To Man
Mark's Fish's lure reaps bluegill and crappie
World Record Fishes!! Photos
Huge redear, striper and biggest laker caught in U.S.
The Gheenoe Designed by a NASA engineer, this unusual boat goes like a bat outta hell!
Big, Bad Bluegill
Debilitating Lyme Disease Risk Worse Than DEET
The health risks of using insect repellent are much less that getting a case of Lyme.
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