TV Fishing Star Larry Dahlberg not "arrested" but "ticketed" for "fish molestation" in Canada in 1999;
Dahlberg threatens Inside Outdoors with lawyers and tells his side of the story

by Don Jordan

Don Jordan's Note Regarding This Story: This story appeared in print on May 22, 1999, shortly after the incident described took place. It has been on this web site since that year without comment from Dahlberg, host of the television show "The Hunt For Big Fish.". Tune in Saturday morning to Inside Outdoors Radio on 1370 AM, WGCL in Bloomington, Indiana, or check out the current podcast after Saturday morning by clicking here: Inside Outdoors

On Dec. 20, 2012, Inside Outdoors received this email from Larry Dahlberg:

This has bugged me for a while because it is not true. I was never arrested, much less actually even proven guilty of anything.
I had to pay the fine or they would have accidentally destroyed my tapes in the home Beta player they were going to try and copy them with.
I'm sure this sensational headline has been great for your website, but unless you correct or remove it I will have an my attorney contact you about the potential libel suite you are exposed to.
Also, the fact my response was supposedly hacked and you did not contact me for another copy does not bode well with me.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas! You were high on my list of new years resolutions.


Jordan's Response 12/2012:
So, if you were not arrested, what did happen? I do have my notes from one of the officers involved.
I will be happy to correct any errors or tell your side of the story.
You should have contacted me a long time ago.
So far as website traffic is concerned, this is of little interest to me. I am not running a commercial website and never have.
Thanks for the note and I have enjoyed your television show.
D. Jordan


Dahlberg email 12/21/12:
1. I was not arrested. I was given a ticket for an event that took place several hundred yards from the observers.
2. My tapes were impounded at the time of the ticket
3. The local conservation congress rep informed me the Officials, having found out the TV station could not play my professional Beta tapes, they planned to try and duplicate them using a home beta player, which would have destroyed them. I paid the fine via the congress rep to prevent destruction of my tapes.
4. I actually caught and landed two fish during the period in question. Underwater footage of the release clearly shows a fish in totally perfect condition.
5. The gestapo type treatment my camerman received in their hands (literally grabbed, snatched behind closed doors and interrogated for over a half hour while we were forced, with no explanation, to wait outside wondering what was going on!) when we came to retrieve the tapes after having paid the fine was beyond reprehensible. If the facts of this came to light the officer would loose his job. What it really boiled down to was a feud between Andy the warden and Pat the guide that had been going on for several years and several documented court cases, all of which warden Andy lost. andy was playing games. I've got him on tape writing down the wrong non-existant number for me to call to retrieve my tapes.
6. I did absolutely nothing wrong.In retrospect I should have spend the several thousand dollars and who know how many days fighting it.


Posted January 3, 2013 by Don Jordan

See comment from the Minn. Dept. of Natural Resources below story.

"Officer Lewis and I disagree not only about some details of the incident, but also over interpretation," Dahlberg said. "When we film the landing of a fish, by necessity we keep it under control a bit longer than we would if we were fishing only for sport. But we did everything we could to protect the fish in question. When the Kitimat segment airs in March on ESPN, the close-up footage will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fish was never mishandled or unduly stressed and was released in perfect condition.

"Obviously, this incident is both embarrassing and distressing to me. Earlier in the year I had received the highest award for conservation from the International Game Fish Association for releasing dozens of potential world records instead of killing them for the sake of getting my name in the record books. I've devoted my 39-year career as a professional angler to the principles of selective harvest and the responsible, ethical management of all our resources, and I will continue to do so."

This note was written by Stephen Wisner for the Minn. DNR's web site:

According to the Minn. DNR the writer Wisner spent six years working as a fly-fishing guide in Idaho. He is a field editor for Midwest Fly Fishing magazine. He lives with his wife and son in Eau Claire, Wis.

Don Jordan's Comment: Having interviewed and otherwise dealt with "big time" anglers like Mr. Dahlberg for 40 years, I can testify that threatening little guys like me is typical of the breed.

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