Indy's Links

River Otter Alliance


Cooke City Sinclair Web Cam
The Yellowstone Net


Cafe Beat Publishing
American Civil Liberties Union
Protecting the Bill of Rights from the facists
Outdoor Writers Association of America 
National outdoors media group

Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
Defenders of Wildlife
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Endangered Species Page

Birds and Birding

Barred Owl Links
Whooping Crane Eastern Parnership Young whoopers migrating to Florida!
National Bird Feeding Society
The Raptor Center
The Raptor Rehabilitator
The Peregrine Fund
Florida Audubon Society
Ahh! the Virtual Birder
Ann's Aviary Links Lots more bird and birding links from Ann Hingas


Lake Monroe Sailing Association (Lake Monroe, Indiana)
The International Muskie Page National Muskie Fishing Organization
Fish-N-Spin Mail order the world's deadliest panfish lure
Musky Hunter Magazine Esox authorities.
Muskies, Inc.   Those rich tournament boys
National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame The big muskie building in Hayward, Wis.
Carpe Carpio Fish Wear Cool tee shirts and other fish art. Good fishing industry links.
Fly Fisherman Magazine Commercial, but damn good site with lots of info on all kinds of fly fishing

Budget Hotels Abu Dhabi


Northwestern University Anthro Dept.
American Museum of Natural History Anthro Bulletin
Evolve Fish The "Darwin" fish stick-on.  Great bumper stickers.
Fossil Hominids: The Evidence for Human Evolution.  Refuting so-called Christian "science"

American Rock Art Research Association
Discovery of Paleolithic painted cave at Vallon


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