Cooke City Open Container Golf Tournament, Part II

Deer Women Out of the Smoke

As mountain morning sun burned off fog at the Cooke tailings waste pit/Cooke City Country Club, deer women began appearing to tempt Indy and other unwary visitors into the wilderness.

Big Doin's At Log Cabin Cafe
Community-spirited residents of Cooke City and Silver Gate gather at The Log Cabin Cafe in Silver Gate after the big golf tournament and during a marathon horseshoe pitching tournament involving some of the community's more colorful characters. The Dirty SonsOfBitches of Red Lodge, long a favorite band among the dancing crowd, played for free and everyone ate for $10, another donation to the school fund.

Deer Women Tempt Indy

She appeared from out of the sun, a vision of youthful, sensual perfection. She moved her hips slowly with the beat of the band, her hands in her jeans pockets, slowly pulling them down to reveal her bare midriff and navel. She was looking directly at Indy, but when he tried to look at her, she disappeared in the smoke of the barbeque pit. Indy is pretty sure she was a deer woman. Deer women appear before men sometimes in such circumstances. They are always young and beautiful.  They are every man's ideal dream woman. But once they get a man's attention, they lure him into the wilderness where the grizzly bears lay in wait. Then, finally revealing their true nature, they suddenly morph into deer and run away into the forest, leaving the foolish man standing lost and unarmed in the lair of the grizz. This one captured Indy's soul. He's been looking for her ever since, but nobody knows her or remembers her. Such is the magic of the deer woman.   She can make a man crazy and erase memories about herself from the minds of others. She left no trace in Silver Gate except this smokey image. Note that she stands with the sun behind her to conceal her true nature. Deer women are a hazard to all male visitors to Yellowstone Park and especially to the high mountain communities of Silver Gate and Cooke City. They look real, but they will make a fool of you, deep in the wilderness.

Another Deer Woman

She said her name was Danielle, and she appeared in human form during the entire 1998 tourist season. She worked at several restaurants in Cooke City and said she was waiting for her daddy to pick her up and take her to Disneyland. She was impersonating Monica in the Cooke City General Store in this picture, trying to lure Indy into the wilderness.

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