Parachute Olive Adams

By Don Jordan

  • Wing post: cream hackle stem
  • Tail: cream hackle fibers
  • Body: olive dubbing
  • Hackle: cream hackle

Wind backing onto hook from eye to just before bend, return thread to a point about one-third of the way between the eye and the bend.

Tie wing post stems at about their mid-point, back toward bend, then return thread to in front of stems and take several wraps to make them stand upright. This is your wing post to which you will tie your horizontal hackle. Tie in hackle feathers. Wind thread to bend.

Tie in tail hackle fibers. Spin dubbing onto thread and wind body forward to in front of wing posts. Return thread to wing post and wind hackle diagonally around wing post and hook shank.

Take your thread over the top of hackles at start, then continue winding. Tie down hackle with half-hitches. Trim wing post. Take thread to eye, whip finish and lacquer.

TIP: Carefully apply a drop of super glue to the hackle where thread cross over for first tie. Repeat at last wind. This will keep your hackle from slipping over the wing post as you cast and otherwise abuse the fly.

The parachute hackle process is the same for all flies. You tie a parachute grasshopper or coachman in same fashlion, winding hackle around wing post and shank.

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