Canned Hunt Proponents Predict Victory In Indiana
Spin doctoring to begin by changing image of Chronic Wasting Disease

Herald Times July 10, 2005

Proponents of canned hunting in Indiana who packed the Ind. Dept. of Natural Resources hearings on the subject last month, are predicting they will achieve their goal of making Indiana a major canned hunting state.

“As many of you are aware the new administration of the government and DNR in Indiana went to the public to gain input regarding High Fence Hunting. The response was in overwhelming support by the sportsmen and general public. The meetings were conducted in a fashion where people simply stood up and voiced their opinion. And the ending of the 5 meetings there were 253 that spoke in favor and 71 that spoke in opposition,” writes an “Indiana Farmer” on the canned hunting website (

Note that the deer farmers and preserve owners are calling those who come to shoot tame deer “sportsmen” under the new canned hunting lexicon. According to this fellow’s assessment, 75 percent of those who spoke at the hearings were pro-deer farming and canned hunting.

Writing about new DNR Director Kyle Hupfer, he says (original spelling by deer farmer preserved): “The Director now has absolutely no ammunition to use againt the preserves. The Govenor and Legislators has become well aware that there is no real opposition to the hunting preserves and are very aggrevated that they have been lied to by the media and a couple talking heads in the sportsmen arena.”

Those the deer farm/canned hunt fans call “talking heads from the sportsmen arena” have included representatives from every hunting and wildlife group in the state, spearheaded by the Indiana Bowhunters, Indiana Deer Hunters and the Indiana Wildlife Federation.

Another deer farmer, identified as “IU Farmer” on the group’s website, reported: “The opposition has been trying to discredit the process by having the PETA/Humane Society do all their emaling for them. It is now believed that 75 percent of all the opposition emails are directly from PETA and the Humane Society. Of course that is reinforced by the fact that nobody showed up in person to oppose.”

The spin doctoring is in full swing, and the canned hunt operators are planning on the DNR to “educate” the public about Chronic Wasting Disease once they get a free hand to operate. Despite the fact that most outbreaks of this disease found in deer and elk have been directly connected to deer and elk farming operations, including the most recent case in New York, the deer farmers and their pals are claiming this is just not the case in Indiana.

The battle has intensified, and the proponents of shooting tame deer behind high fences and their associates who raise “shooter bucks” for the canned hunt “sportsmen” are confident.

You still have a chance to let your opinion be known. You should email your comments on deer and elk farming and canned hunting preserves to either or both of the following addresses: (DNR director Hupfer) and (Burgess Brown) Be sure that you identify yourself and your interest in this debate.


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