Coal Company Boss Buys Coal With Contributions
Black Beauty Coal's Chancellor Gets His $230,00 Worth From Our Man Mitch
A Nest of Republican Canned Hunt Fans Revealed!

By Don Jordan

posted 11/3/06

It turns out that the president of the coal company seeking to strip mine Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area is Steve Chancellor who, according to state campaign financing reports cited by the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, has given $230,000 to Gov. Mitch Daniels.

And, Chancellor is a golfing pal of former Vice President Dan Quayle and General Norman Schwarzkopf and has raised or donated millions to the Republican Party and its candidates.

Furthermore, Chancellor is a canned hunter just like his budy Vice President Dick Cheney. Chancellor requested "a permit to import the sport-hunted trophy of one male bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus dorcas) culled from a captive herd maintained under the management program of the Republic of South Africa, for the purpose of enhancement of the survival of the species" from the federal government on July 30, 1998.

Black Beauty Coal is the company given permission by "our" Ind. DNR to do "exploratory" drilling at the Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area.

It all fits neatly for Mitch and his buddies in Indiana. The Indiana DNR makes the abhorent practices involved in canned hunting of whitetail deer legal, because so many Republican politicians participate in it and donate money to state candidates. Then, one of those canned hunters who just happens to donate a lot of money to the party, just happens to be president of the coal company seeking to mine state lands purchased 100 percent by hunters and anglers. Mitch's man at the DNR, director Kyle Hupfer, then quietly allows Black Beauty to begin exploratory drilling. Only observant residents who saw the drilling rigs exposed the plot to mine Glendale.

So far, Mitch and his henchmen in Indiana government have:
* sold the Indiana Toll Road to foreign companies,
* sold our state forests to thier corporate donors,
* tried to give state park land at Indiana Dunes State Park to a big corporations to build a hotel. They all turned down the offer, so Mitch and Hupfer want to build the inn with state funds, then give it to their corporate buddies.
* begun to "piratize" our venerable state park inns by handing them over to corporate donors.
* handed out a state-sponsored monopoly to a gang of canned hunt operators who are also Republican donors.

Now, this same gang of thieves proposes to turn untouched wild land over to another Republican corporate pirate to be strip mined. Remember, the land at Glendale was bought with taxes and license fees paid by Indiana hunters and fishermen, and land owners there were exposed to forced purchase under emminent domain.

Oh, there is one more thing. If you mourn the loss of Galyan's and the arrival of Dick's Sporting Goods, you should know that Our Man Mitch has a connection there too. The guy Mitch hired to run the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and close down license branches in Democrat strongholds like Gary and has made a complete mess of the entire BMV system, is the same guy responsible for Galyan's demise. He was president of Galyan's and presided over the sell-out.

Oh, there is yet another "one more thing." Our Man Mitch made millions on his timely sale of Indianapolis Power & Light stock just before it went under, leaving stock holders and pensioners holding the bag. While Daniels escaped being charged, the investigators never said Daniles was innocent of insider trading and manipulation, just that they didn't have enough proof to send him to jail. Hoosiers elected him despite this. He is, in fact, Our Man Mitch in a state that federal fish and wildlife officials continue to call "the Mississippi of the Midwest" after Mississippi's reputation as the most pollution-loving state in the country after Texas.

©Copyright 2006. Donald Lee Jordan

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