Indiana DNRSubmits Early Migratory
Bird Season Dates to Feds

posted 9/21/08

The early migratory bird season dates have been submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by the Indiana DNR as listed below. The dates are not final until the USFWS approves them, which typically happens by the end of August. The season dates are within the frameworks provided by USFWS, so we anticipate no change. Our requested seasons have never been altered by USFWS after submission; however, there is always the slight possibility of change, so the dates below should not be interpreted as being final.

Mourning Dove
Mon., Sept. 1 - Thu., Oct. 16
Fri., Nov. 7 - Sun., Nov. 30

Sora Rails
Mon., Sept. 1 - Sun., Nov. 9

Mon., Sept. 1 - Tue., Dec. 16


Wed., Oct 15 - Fri., Nov. 28

Canada goose
Mon., Sept. 1 - Mon., Sept. 15

Early teal
Sat., Sept. 6 - Sun., Sept. 21

Extended falconry dove
Fri., Oct. 17 - Thu., Nov. 6
Thu., Jan. 1 - Fri., Jan. 16

Extended falconry woodcock
Sat., Sept. 20 - Tue., Oct. 14
Sat., Nov. 29 - Sun., Jan. 4

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