Radio Show Callers Light Up Outdoors Today Telephones
As a life-long news reporter and outdoor writer, Don Jordan said he has ffound that any subject that touches the National Rifle Association is bound to get a lot of public attention, and that's exactly what happened last Thursday night (9/18/08) on WGCL 1370's "Outdoors Today" show.

"After you read that press release from the American Hunters and Shooters Association, the switchboard just lit up," said show producer Rich Reardin. Read the AHSA original press release by clicking here. Both Buddy Bill Mosier and Jordan, co-hosts of the radio show, were empressed over the wide range of opinions expressed by callers.

"That's what we've been looking for," said Mosier, referring to the huge response to the issue aired on the 9/18 show.

While neither Mosier nor Jordan are members of either the AHSA or the NRA, both agreed that if the AHSA's claims about the NRA's political non-support of conservation is a violation of hunters' trust in the 4-million member conservative political association.

Jordan's column on the subject: "AHSA vs. NRA" adds more detail about the AHSA and who its members are. One caller objected to the AHSA's president Joe Schoenke's past politcal contributions to a number of Democrats, including Al Gore. While Gore is no NRA fan, he is perhaps the foremost conservationist in the USA today, maybe the most famous in the entire world. However, the support of a group's president does not mean the association follows. The AHSA supports both Republican and Democrat candidates for politcal office.

The Gore issue typifies the entire fight. The NRA and most of its right wing conservative members vote and donate based only on the gun rights issue. On the other hand, the AHSA believes in using both gun rights and conservation ethic in picking candidates to support.

Producer Reardin has held open the next "Outdoors Today" show for more call-ins by listeners over the NRA vs. AHSA battle.


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