"Monster Pig" Actually A Tame Farm-Raised Animal Named 'Fred"
That Farmer Sold To Canned Hunt Operation

By Don Jordan

June 10, 2007

Remember that 1,051-lb. "monster pig" that was killed in Alabama a couple of week ago? It turns out that the "monster" was a domestic pig that, only four days before it was shot, was known as "Fred" and lived on a farm owned by Rhonda and Paul Blissit. They blew the whistle on the wild boar claim. It would have been an Alabama state record.

Fred was shot by 11-year-old Jamison Stone of Pickensville, Ala., on May 3. The boy shot the pig with a .50 calibre pistol. He shot 16 times and hit the animal six times during a three-hour fake "hunt" inside a canned or fenced hunting facility called Lost Creek Plantation LLC near Delta, Ala.

The Blissits bought Fred in 2004 and raised it as a pet until they decided to sell off their animals. They sold Fred to the "hunting" facility.

According to the Anniston, Ala. Star, "From his treats of canned sweet potatoes to how the grandchildren would play with him, their stories painted the picture of a gentle giant. They even talked about how their small Chihuahua would get in the pen with him and could come out unscathed."

The hunter's father said he was sold a "wild boar hunt" for a feral or wild hog, and that they shot it under that "pretense." I wonder if they used sweet potatoes for bait.

©Copyright 2008. Donald Lee Jordan

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