Inside Outdoors: April 30, 2008

Spring Fishing Heats Up As Yet Another Sign Of A Perfect Spring

By Don Jordan

In the midst of an almost perfect spring season, southern Indiana fishes are likewise cooperating to make this an April to remember.

Many residents who have called or spoken with me have mentioned how everything has gone as it is "supposed" to go this year. All the flowering trees have managed to overlap. The fruit trees didn't get frozen. Morels are up almost exactly on schedule, and April fishing has been at least better than usual.

Lake Monroe: Crappie are biting throughout the reservoir. Anglers fishing off docks are catching tons of fish, although most of them are those 5 to 7 inch crappie "wafers" that we are so familiar with at Lake Monroe. There are larger crappie available, and most reports of fish caught are from anglers fishing the flooded back ends of the tributary creeks. The larger fish are mostly in a single year-class of crappie resulting from a good spawn three years ago. Some of these fish are 11 inches. Crappie are in various stages of spawning at Monroe. Fish with curly tailed jigs and tip them with a beemoth. Minnow are also excellent for off the docks and elsewhere, but they also attract a bunch of yellow bass if you are in the wrong spot.

Some walleye are reportedly being caught at Monroe now. They spawned during the first two weeks of April and have been slowly fanning out in shallow water. Look for walleye coming down the tributary creeks. Minnows, crank baits, jigs and even crawler rigs can work on Monroe walleye, but keep in mind that a night crawler is a magnet for those pesky yellow bass.

Lake Griffy: Good to excellent bluegill fishing is already started. I have heard one report of crappie caught at Griffy. Fish are scattered but hungry. Drifting across the lake through a variety of depths while fishing bottom is your best bet at Griffy.

Lake Greenwood: If you are lucky enough to have access to what is probably Indiana's most beautiful reservoir on the Crane military reservation, you would be catching crappie, bluegill, redear, largemouth bass and even a walleye or two.

Farm Ponds: If you have access to a good farm pond, you are catching a lot of fish already this year. Ponds with crappie are really hot right now, and bluegill are starting to creep toward shallow water as the shallows warm.

DJ's April Fishing Tip: Employ live bait with your curly tail jigs. Bits of redworm, driftworm and beemoth are all excellent ways to increase your fishing success. Beemoth (maggots) are just about perfect for jig tipping

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