Hupfer Returns To Piratize the Indiana State Fair
Our Man Mitch's Bag Man Back On The Job
Posted 2/23/07

That nemesis of Indiana's trees, fish, wildlife, hunters and anglers, former Dept. of Natural Resources director Kyle Hupfer has floated back to the surface in state government.

Governor Mitch Daniels appointed Hupfer as chairman of the Indiana State Fair Comission earlier this month.

In an official statement from the Governor's office, Daniels said: "Kyle's efforts have already produced outstanding results for state government, and I'm confident his leadership will be a great asset to the commission."

During Hupfer's two-year tenure as head of the DNR, those outstanding successes include increasing commercial logging of state forests; handing over our state park inns to private industry; and turning Indiana into an unregulated paradise for canned hunting operators and deer "farmers." His attempts to mine coal at Glendale State Fish & Wildlife Area were dropped, temporarily, after he resigned from the DNR.

Since the Indiana State Fairgrounds property is some of the most valuable real estate in central Marion County, every observer, friend or foe of Hupfer, expects the energy company lawyer to "piratize" the state fair and sell off all or part of the fairgrounds land for quick cash.

Copyright 2007. Donald Lee Jordan

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