}Indiana Wildlife Federation Warns Outdoors men and women
about Canned Hunting and Live Bait Dog Training Legislation at State Legislatuire

text of email from IWL's Barbara Simpson: Jan. 24, 2014


The hearing on canned hunting was just scheduled and is coming up quickly....please read on to learn what you can do....

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee chaired by Sen. Carlin Yoder will hear SB404 Hunting Preserves Monday, 10am at the State House Room 431. It is our understanding that amendments have been discussed and may be introduced in the committee meeting. We are not able to get a copy of the amendments before the committee. The IN Wildlife Federation, along with the vast majority of conservation organizations in Indiana, oppose high fence/canned hunting. These operations threaten the wild deer herd and are not fair chase. Please go to the link below to see the agenda and link to the bill language. Also note the committee members and call your senator.

http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/committees/agriculture_and_natural_resources_3100 Please attend and express your opinion to the committee face to face.

IWF has a petition posted on our website….please pass the link along to your membership and friends and ask them to sign in opposition to canned hunting in Indiana.


Other bills on the agenda of importance are:

SJR9 Constitutional Right to Hunt, Fish, Harvest Game. IWF supports this now that the language on farming has been taken out and there is a statement of “subject to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed…”
SB361 Dog training in game breeder enclosures. IWF opposes this as written because it approves coyotes, fox, other larger mammals. Traditional training on birds and rabbits is not the concern.

Get involved if you want to impact change….make calls, meet face to face, and write letters to those you elected to represent your interests.


Barbara Simpson
Executive Director
Indiana Wildlife Federation
708 East Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46256

317-875-9453 office/
317-697-3550 cell


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