DNR wants hunters' and fishers' opinions on a wide range of current projects, possible rule changes and other business. Although the DNR has not asked for our opinions on canned hunting, there is a catch all form for things you want to tell the DNR.

Guess What, DNR has already shut down this site! Must not have wanted to hear from us after all! 2/20/14

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Sign up for reserved turkey hunts on state properties now! Click here to read DNR's list of properties and link to register for the drawings.



Yellowstone National Park Stor
From Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana



DJ's Yellowstone Coyote Saga
(Or, How To Live With Coyotes
Without Killing Or Torturing Them)




Essays on birds and birding by DJ's alter ego



Indiana Hunting/Fishing Studies

Spring 2010 Indiana Wild Turkey Hunt Results

2010 Indiana Deer Hunts Report

The Lake Monroe Walleye
Radio Tracking Study

2009 Deer Hunt Results

2009 Spring Turkey Hunt Results

2005-08 Fall Turkey Hunt Assessment

2008 Deer Hunt Results


Inside Outdoors
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Outdoor News, Essays and Opinion

Indiana DNR invites anglers to Lake Michigan Yellow Perch Seminar in Chicago. What happened to Lake Michigan's famed perch and can they return?

2013 Deer Season Summary: White-tail kill off 8 percent due to disease, high doe harvests.

Deer farmers/canned hunt businesses want Indiana hunters to pay for disease testing of deer that escape from their pens!

Sign Indiana Wildlife Federation petition to stop canned hunting in Indiana! Legislators seeking live bait dog training legalization too!

Puma, Wolf, Big Dog?
"Ag Gag" Bill In Legislature Aims To Stiffle Free Speech, Protect Abusive Farming Practices.

Joe Wilson of Squirrels Unlimited
on Inside Outdoors Radio

Indiana State Park Deer Cull Detailed

Indiana Canned Hunting Update
Link to Courier-Journal story

Linton's "Minner" Fish Dead at 86

DNR Plans To "Renovate"
West Boggs Creek Lake In 2014

Everything about the noxious plant

New Response From TV Host Larry Dahlberg Over Canadian Fish Molesting Incident. His side of the story!

Wild Care Needs Your Help To Keep Injured Wild Animals Alive Until They Can Be Released

Indiana Deer Harvest Down, Numbers of Hunters High: DNR 2011 Deer Hunt Report

Deer Management Group Seeks End
To Deer Farming in the U.S.

Groups Sue Indiana DNR and Director Carter To Stop Live Bait Dog Training Legalization

Kill Off Your Aquarium, Don't Dump It!

Coyote Rescue Center

Stop Mountaintop Removal
Coal Mining




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Intellicast Radar

National Weather Service Forecasts

Hector Brito

New record redear in Arizona!






New smash outdoor hit, "The Lutefiske Song" featuring Don Jordan, David Hofstad and Inside Outdoors Productions' Rich Reardin and Buddy Bill Moser.



Current Interesting Links

Mountain lion killed in De Moines resident's back yard

Billionaire Florida Developer of The Villages Gets Slap On Wrist In Montana Game Violations Scandal (In the Billings Gazette, or see Inside Outdoors on Facebook)

Indiana's Latest Wildlife Disgrace
Listen to Inside Outdoors Radio Interview With Coyote Rescue Center's CeAnn Lambert








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