Pictured from left are jay foster, Larry Robinson and Tim Robinson all of Vallinia, In
51-lb. Flathead Catfish. According to Missy Robinson of Vallonia: Hello just wanted to share the large flathead my husband snd his friend caught in the White River 7/29 in Vallonia.It weighed 51 lbs and was 4 ft long. Caught on regular pole with shiner bait on 10lb test. Needed a little noodling to get her up on the bank.



Yellowstone National Park Stor
From Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana

DJ's Yellowstone Coyote Saga
(Or, How To Live With Coyotes
Without Killing Or Torturing Them)

Essays on birds and birding by DJ's alter ego


Everything about the noxious plant


Indiana Deer Harvest Down, Numbers of Hunters High: DNR 2011 Deer Hunt Report

Deer Management Group Seeks End To Deer Farming in the U.S.

Groups Sue Indiana DNR and Director Carter To Stop Live Bait Dog Training Legalization



Indiana Hunting/Fishing Studies

2013 Indiana Deer Season Summary

Spring 2010 Indiana Wild Turkey Hunt Results

2010 Indiana Deer Hunts Report

The Lake Monroe Walleye
Radio Tracking Study

2009 Deer Hunt Results

2009 Spring Turkey Hunt Results

2005-08 Fall Turkey Hunt Assessment

2008 Deer Hunt Results







Inside Outdoors
dj's weekly column
&Inside Outdoors Radio

Outdoor News, Essays and Opinion

DNR plans to clear cut and develop state forests, and impose entry and user fees throughout the formerly free recreational lands.


Canned Hunting Bill Defeated
In Indiana Senate by 23-27 vote.

Click here to see how your Senator voted.

Click here for youth turkey hunt license and other information. April 18-19

Contact your state legislator to stop canned hunting in Indiana! Click here.

State Park Needs Campground Hosts!

Link to proposed changes in state hunting and fishing regulaltions, including hi-power rifles for deer hunting and 25 fish bluegill limit.

Results of 2014 state park deer culls.

Bloomington City Councilman Andy Ruff visits radio studio to discuss the city's planned deer cull at Griffy Lake. Listen to 11/22/14 show in the archive.

Yellowstone area had 252 bear "incidents" in 2013
but only 6 human injuries. Grizzly population expanding
well outside of the national park.

Inside Outdoors Live Streaming on WGCL AM 1370 in Bloomington, Ind. 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Saturdays,.


Alaskan woman jogs into grizzly bear encounter and barely survives the meeting,.

Deer farmers/canned hunt businesses want Indiana hunters to pay for disease testing of deer that escape from their pens!

Sign Indiana Wildlife Federation petition to stop canned hunting in Indiana! Legislators seeking live bait dog training legalization too!

Puma, Wolf, Big Dog?
"Ag Gag" Bill In Legislature Aims To Stiffle Free Speech, Protect Abusive Farming Practices.

Joe Wilson of Squirrels Unlimited
on Inside Outdoors Radio

Indiana State Park Deer Cull Detailed

Indiana Canned Hunting Update
Link to Courier-Journal story

Linton's "Minner" Fish Dead at 86

DNR Plans To "Renovate"
West Boggs Creek Lake In 2014


New Response From TV Host Larry Dahlberg Over Canadian Fish Molesting Incident. His side of the story!

Wild Care Needs Your Help To Keep Injured Wild Animals Alive Until They Can Be Released

Kill Off Your Aquarium, Don't Dump It!

Coyote Rescue Center

Stop Mountaintop Removal
Coal Mining


Google Maps

Intellicast Radar

National Weather Service Forecasts










63-lb. White River Flathead Catfish Caught by Tim Haymaker & Roger Adkins of Martinsville

Sassafras Audubon Gives Jordan
Lifetime Conservation Award

In-Fisherman Photo
Girl 13 Lands New World Record Yellow Perch from Idaho
Click here to read about 2 lb. 11.68 oz. perch

New record redear in Arizona!


New smash outdoor hit, "The Lutefiske Song" featuring Don Jordan, David Hofstad and Inside Outdoors Productions' Rich Reardin and Buddy Bill Moser.


Current Interesting Links

Billionaire Florida Developer of The Villages Gets Slap On Wrist In Montana Game Violations Scandal (In the Billings Gazette, or see Inside Outdoors on Facebook)

Indiana's Latest Wildlife Disgrace
Listen to Inside Outdoors Radio Interview With Coyote Rescue Center's CeAnn Lambert


















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